The turn-key exhibitions

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The main goals:


- growth of sales volume,

- entering new segments and new geographical markets,

- increase recognition of the company's brand / its products.



The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):


- development of exhibition activity strategy of the company in the geographical market,

- formation of the recommended exhibitions list for the year,

- concepts development of participation in exhibitions,

- services of selection and booking of exhibition areas,

- development and design of the exhibition stand layout,

- services of the control of the exhibition area development,

- representation of the Customer in negotiations with the exhibition organizers,

- the organization of the business program,

- development of the exhibition media plan,

- preparation for participation in the exhibition of the company's staff,

- calculation of the exhibition event's effectiveness.


Brief description of the case/result:


Object: the manufacturer of fiber optic cables.


Market: of fiber optic cables in the CIS countries including the Russian Federation


The list of works which were done:

1) analysis of upcoming exhibitions in CIS countries,

2) formation and harmonization of the list of priority exhibitions,

3) development of the participation concept in the exhibition,

4) development and harmonization of the budget of participation in the exhibition,

5) preparation of design layouts of the exhibition stand (at least 5),

6) development of promotional materials and product samples for participation in the exhibition,

7) preparation of negotiations plan with key exhibition participants  (at least 15 meetings for 3 people),,

8) development of questionnaires for stand visitors and organization of their contact data collection,

9) preparation of texts of statements and presentations for participation in seminars at the exhibition,

10) collecting information about the market's condition by analyzing competitor's stand and communicating with suppliers / customers,

11) assessment of the effectiveness of participation in the event,

12) processing of the collected information for setting tasks to responsible persons at the customer's enterprise.


 The main results of the project:


- There was prepared participation in 7 exhibitions in Russia and the CIS for the 2 calendar years.

- There were signed contracts with 3 key suppliers.

- According to the results of the competitive Intelligence carried out at the exhibition, a new type of product was developed and put into mass production.

- There was made enter to 2 new geographical markets (concluded contracts).

- The average exhibitions payback is 2.8 (the ratio of sales within contracts which were signed at exhibitions to the budgets of participation in exhibitions).


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