The marketing outsourcing

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The main goals:


- organization of marketing at the enterprise in the market of presence,

- solution of specific marketing and sales tasks,

- the decrease in expenses on marketing.


The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):


- market research,

- development of marketing strategies,

- formation of marketing plans and programs,

- organization of execution of separate marketing functions,

- staff and regular outsourcers development,

- formulation of system work in the field of marketing and its integration into the operational management of the enterprise.


Brief description of the case/result:


Object: the enterprise which provides medical services to the population.


Market: of medical services to the population.


The list of works which were done:

1) setting the marketing system in the enterprise,

2) development of semi-annual and quarterly plans of marketing events, formation of marketing budgets,

3) development and implement program of adjustments and brand promotion,

4) organization of outsourcers work in the field of online marketing,

5) development of new channels of promotion and sales,

6) improvement of the company's front office work,

7) sales scripts for the front office are detailed,

8) monitoring of pricing in the market and implementation of measures to increase the flexibility of the company's pricing policy,


The main results of the project:


- There is constructed integrated system of analytics of Internet promotion, offline promotion and sales, visualized in the dashboard format.

- There is organized the incoming stream of leads from social networks: Instagram and VK.

- The increase in the number of incoming leads from the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2 times as a result of the implementation of adapted for the territory the program of promotion.

- 30% reduction in costs of marketing.

- Sales volume growth by 20%.


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