The marketing strategy

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The main goals:


- identification of key directions of the company's development in the market,

- formation of goals and objectives for divisions and employees of the company,

- improving the efficiency of marketing activity.


The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):


- marketing research of the market (external environment of the company),

- analysis of the internal environment of the company,

- SWOT‑analysis,

- identification of key problems of the company and directions of their resolution,

- portfolio methods of market and / or industry analysis,

- goal-setting – development of the company's mission, vision, system of goals and objectives of activity in the market,

- development of recommendations for the marketing mix for the company,

- development of the plan of events for the implementation of the marketing strategy,

- calculation of economic effectiveness of implementation of events,

- drafting the calendar plan-schedule of implementation of certain works in the context of the strategy,

- analysis of strategy implementation risks and development of measures to reduce them.


Brief description of the case/result:


Object: the enterprise-manufacturer of fiber optic cables.


Market: of fiber optic cables in CIS countries, including the Russian Federation.


The list of works which were done:

1) analysis of the macro environment of the company,

2) exploration of measures of state regulation of the industry,

3) analysis of trends in the fiber optic market of the world and the Russian Federation,

4) assessment of market capacity,

5) the segmentation of market, definition of high-margin segments,

6) exploration of the uploading of manufacturers of cable fiber optic products,

7) assessment of competitive position and development of a matrix of strategic groups of competitors,

8) analysis of distribution channels and barriers to entry in channels,

9) analysis of the assortment of goods, identification of its bottlenecks and reorientation to more margin products,

10) SWOT-analysis and identification of the key problem of the company,

11) setting goals and objectives of the company's development in the market,

12) formation and control over the implementation of the events plan of the realization of the marketing strategy,

13) negotiations with participants of market within implementation of the strategy.


The main results of the project:


- There is developed the new product within the established priorities of the company development.

- Expansion of the company's geographical presence to 2 CIS countries.

- Resuscitation of the customer base – 38% of returned customers as a result of the implementation of the events of strategy.

- The growth of productivity in the enterprise as a result of realization the strategy 1.2 times.

- The ROI from the realization of the marketing strategy events of amounted to 1.8.


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