The competitive Intelligence

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The main goals:


- benchmarking the industry in order to find market entry points and development in it,

- strengthening of competitive position in the market/growth of the company's share,

- increase of margin of sales.


The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):


- the launching of the channel of collecting information from loyal customers/distributors,

- setting up a system of work with key suppliers of competitors,

- using of official reporting in public authorities, industry associations,

- work with industry experts,

- legendary interviews with employees of competing companies,

- visiting competitors' events, interviews when there are vacancies at competitors’ companies, etc.,

- development of procedures and forms of loyal customer surveys,

- analysis of tender platforms for bidding which took place,

- the analysis of the indicators of sites of competitors in the natural extradition of search engines,

- research of competitors effectiveness in contextual advertising: advertising budgets, transitions, etc.,

- analysis of websites of competitors (internal seo optimization),

- a research of the results of competitor activity in social networks,

- monitoring the Internet for publicly available information about competitors,

- other special tools of competitive intelligence.


Brief description of the case/result:


Object: the enterprise of secondary processing of rolled metal.

Market: Russian market of galvanized steel.


The list of works which were done:

1) development of evaluation criteria for competitors,

2) drafting a list of companies that pose a potential threat to the Customer as his direct and indirect competitors in the market,

3) collection of information from transport companies engaged in service for competitors,

4) full-time interviewing of key buyers in the market,

5) full-time / telephone interviewing of ex-employees of competing companies,

6) organization of information channel from exhibitions and seminars,

7) analysis of government data and open sources.


The main results of the project:


- There is established the system of monitoring of actual market prices for galvanized rolled and galvanized sheet metal.

- There is developed and implemented the strategy of the work in two new sales channels.

- The customer has concluded export contracts with counterparties at the territory of 3 foreign countries.

- There was reduced logistics costs by more than 10% and diversified pool of carriers of finished products.


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