The analysis of import

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The main goals:


- search for promising niches for import of products,

- selection of distributors in the market segment,

- competitive analysis of foreign products and local products.


The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):


- selection of ТН ВЭД codes (are used in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union), which most fully cover the market segment of interest,

- analysis of imports and assessment of the main indicators of imports by groups of products,

- competitive analysis of importers,

- identification of the dominant sales channels and the main players in them,

- competitive intelligence on key players who are engaged in the import,

- forecasting imports for the medium prospect,

- segmentation of import goods markets and determination of shares of major players and / or brands.


Brief description of the case/result:


Object: the enterprise which planes to enter the Russian market with an innovative medical device in the segment with a high share of imports.


Market: of medical devices of the Russian Federation.

List of works which were performed:

1) determination of the list of ТН ВЭД codes for further exploring,

2) analysis of databases of customs statistics of imports of medical goods to the Russian Federation,

3) calculation of market capacity and shares of major players,

4) analysis of sales channels and margins in them,

5) formation of the register of importers,

6) forecasting the volume of imports to the medium prospect,

7) assessment of measures of state regulation in terms of import of this type of goods.


The main results of the project:


- The import of products of a particular type is calculated in the perspective of product types, importing countries, brands, suppliers and consumers, regions of import, and so on.

- 2There was predicted the potential demand for the product in part of imports.

- There was developed the mark-up on the product which ensure competitiveness in price, taking into account the difference in quality indicators.

- There was formed the list of importers-distributors of medical goods (equipment) for the output with a proposal for distribution.

- There are made the commercial offer and presentation for importers-distributors.


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